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5K for Hadley
4/22/2017 9:00 AM
Online registration closes 4/21/2017
Date: Saturday, April 22nd 2017 Time: 9-1 AM Activities: 5K--begins at 9am Lunch Silent/Live Auction Kid’s Corner Balloon Launch
Hadley Willson is a sweet, fun-loving, happy four year old. She loves coloring, dancing, mauling her cats, playing with her dolls and being outside. She loves her 2 older sisters Skyla and Taytem, her best friend/twin brother Deacon and her parents Reggie and Heidi Willson. Hadley was a very healthy, active, crazy little girl until February 2017. Hadley started dragging her toes and losing her shoe on her left foot one day. On Friday, February 10th Hadley started to have some problems walking. The next day, she told her mom, "My hand's not working." After lots of tests and a few ER visits Hadley was diagnosed with DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). Not to get too technical, but this type of brain tumor has been classified as Stage 4, Malignant Neoplasm, in an area where surgery is not possible. The survival statistics make DIPG one of the most devastating pediatric cancers. Despite what Hadley faces, she is a an adorable example of being "happy despite the circumstances." She has found ways to keep a smile on her face as she meets with multiple doctors and specialists; and as she has started her radiation treatments. Her strong little spunky personality shines through the hard stuff & keeps us remembering how grateful we are for every minute with her! She has a zest for life that is immeasurable.

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